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Italian essentials starting at £20 with free delivery in


No home should be without pasta.

With households struggling to get even essential ingredients, we have taken it upon ourselves to fill every cupboard with delicious Italian Rations. 

Based in south east London, we're a food box delivery service bringing the belly-filling basics to every home. 

Ration Boxes

Just the essential provisions you need to cook delicious Italian food - delivered straight to your door. For our ration boxes, we hand pick ingredients that will keep your store cupboard, and your belly, full (even during Covid-19).

Full provisions for any Italian store cupboard. What's in the box?

Slightly less inside, but vegan friendly.

What's in the box?   

How we deliver?

We aim to deliver Italian Ration boxes with a lead time of 2-3 working days. In accordance with Covid-19 safety regulations, our driver will deliver the box to your home and leave it at a safe distance for you to collect. Currently, we are delivering our Ration Boxes to all postcodes in London. However, if you are outside this area please email us - we may be able to reach you.


In an attempt to minimise packaging and use local waste as part of our business, all of our rations are transported in reclaimed fruit and vegetable crates donated by local shops and markets. They are cleaned before use and allow us to operate a zero waste service - our drivers will by happy to take the box with them after your delivery.   


We started this Italian Rations to make sure that people could get good quality Italian food stress free during the coronavirus crisis. If you have any feedback about what you would like us to include as part of our rations in the future please email

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